Glasses and stemware

Glasses and glasses from an online store
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What types of glasses and wine glasses there are
Today, there are quite a large selection of glasses and stemware that you can pick up at any event. They can be as gift and act as attribute table layout. On the application they can be divided into the following types:
• Champagne glasses. Capacity crystal wine glasses and wedding glasses used for sparkling wine, is often no more than 170 ml. Usually they are filled no more than halfway. After filling them do not much pause, allowing the crystal to reveal all the flavors of the drink, and then start drinking. Real gourmets of sparkling wine prefer crystal glasses in the shape of a bowl. 
• Glasses of cognac. These products have similar form as the wine glasses, but more voluminous. Are selected in accordance with a drink. Young is best suited wine glasses with a slight narrowing at the top of the product, and for older a great option would be highly betrothed glass. 
• Glasses of liqueur.
• Wine glasses for kvass, etc.
In fact, the glasses and the wine glasses have a wide enough selection that allows to use them not only for drinking alcoholic beverages. 
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